32 days until graduation

32 days until Graduation



Not that I am counting or anything! But with just those last 32 days to go of cramming for tests, presentations and group projects after all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the last 4 years, we have a lot to look forward too!  The rest of our lives in fact!

But before we get there, there are all of the celebrations and festivities that come along with graduation.  And these festivities can really add up quickly, especially if you have a large number of family members attending like I do. Some of the expenses to consider are: a cap and gown package which start at $200 and go up to $400 at UIUC, gas/plane tickets, hotel rooms (if you were lucky enough to get one in the area), meals, announcements and potentially a party. But that is not going to stop us from going out with a bang!

One way to look at the announcements is as a form of an investment. After all of the announcements are sent out to friends and family, imagine that you will receive an average of $25 back for each one and with a cost of about $2 each that is a pretty good return. Now if you have to cover all of the expenses listed above, this investment income here is a good place to start.

However, if your parent’s are funding the festivities and expenses: then that is where this gets really fun! The options are endless on what to do with all of this money. The responsible person might decide to pay off some debts (like student loans), save or invest it and these are really great options! The more financially stable you are now, the better off you are starting this new chapter in life. But I also do not think that it is irresponsible to do something like plan a trip. Even still, you do not have to spend all of the money on your trip; you could set some aside for a different purpose. I think that it is important to reward ourselves for our hard work. Especially if you have already locked in a full-time job, want a vacation before you have to start taking vacation days, and have planned out your new finances.  Whatever you decide to do, know all of your options and make a smart decision that fits your financial goals.


Best of luck and congratulations!

Blog written by: E. Benson