A New Face - We Love Money Smart Week

Hey everyone! This is Andrew, the Money Smart Week’s design intern.  WP_20140325_001.jpeg

My Work Hovel

Actually, I’m the first design intern they’ve ever had. I have spent the last two months working along side the team creating and updating graphics used by Money Smart Week.Working with Money Smart Week has kept me very busy, from ads to posters, and even odd jobs on the side, I have been constantly kept busy; and I love it!

One of the projects that I really enjoyed working on was the “we love Money Smart Week” poster.


For those of you that don’t know, the “We Love Money Smart Week” poster will be featured in the upcoming promotional video. (another project I worked on, but that’s a story for another time).

This poster was printed at 23’x15’, then pasted to a foam core board. We then shipped them out to some forty-odd Money Smart partners around the country. These partners then took a photo of themselves holding the sign in front of a distinctive local landmark.




Putting these posters together was a fun time. Lucky for us, we had access to a large format printer. This allowed us to print five at a time, rather than just one.

for_print.jpgIf it was just me cutting and mounting these things, I would have been buried under a mountain of paper. Fortunately, I had a hand from Terry, our web site guy. The two of us working together were able to keep up with the pace of the printer. We got the stack of posters piled up pretty high.

I don’t know about you guys, but I find myself getting into something of a trance when I’m working on mindless tasks, like mounting poster boards.  Before Terry came and helped me I was just trying to keep up with the printer, no music, no nothing. Then Terry introduced me to Tiesto’s Club Life, a techno club music pod cast. The music pared with someone to talk to turned the whole situation around! From mindless and boring it became social and fun.


I guess people liked the poster, because a week later we had another order for 30 more! The excitement surrounding this project has been uplifting, and I am looking forward to the final product. Check back with us next week to see the video – and stay tuned for details about other projects I’ve been working on for Money Smart Week.

Andrew Steendam

Money Smart Week Intern

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago