College = Coffee


I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know that I loved coffee until I started college. All those late nights of studying (or just hanging out) made 8:00am class difficult to stay awake through. Yet, we all know that the cost of coffee can add up quickly! This is especially true if you prefer to have a latte over a cup of regular black coffee. So what’s a college student to do with a small budget?

Short term solution: Get connected into a coffee shop. See if they offer punch cards, awards card, etc. Follow them through Social Media. They may post daily deals or ways to win free stuff.

Medium solution: Make your own! Pinterest is a great place to look for recipes. This can be tricky if you don’t have the right equipment at home or are willing to put in the extra effort. As long as you have is a coffee pot, you can always add some specialty flavored creamer. There are so many delicious flavors to chose from! My favorite is Almond joy! (hint: if you put the creamer in the blender it will get frothy like a latte.)

Long term solution: Learn to acquire the taste of regular black coffee.

If you have any great recipes, please share by commenting!