College Expense Resources

College Financial Aid

8 Financial Tips for College Students to Save and Manage Money Better

Federal Student Aid – Office of the US Department of Education

Free Application Federal Student Aid – Find what kind of aid you might be eligible to get

Student Aid Alliance is a collection of information on many topics of College Financial Aid

The National College Finance Center (NCFC) creates a personalized college finance plan or repayment plan based on your individual information and situation — providing you with an action plan to take you in the right direction!

Online Colleges provides resources and financial information for those interested in completing college courses online.

Resources and advice on how to pay for higher education.

The Accredited Online College website offers resources for finding online accredited colleges and universities, but they also highlight online colleges that offer free laptops to students.

College Financial Information by State



Colorado Department of Higher Education

Illinois Student Assistance Commission

Indiana Commission on Higher Education – Division of Student Financial Aid

Iowa College Guide

Iowa College Student Aid Commission

State of Michigan (there isn’t just one state agency/organization)

Missouri Department of Higher Education

Nebraska’s Coordinating Commission for Post-secondary Education
New Jersey

New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority

Oregon Student Access Commission

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Washington Student Achievement Council
West Virginia

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board