Dating on a Budget: Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Dating. It’s fun! Someone cares and wants to get to know you!  You get to talk about yourself, flirt, and even show off your witty side.  As things progress, you want to make the other person feel more and more special. This looks different for everyone, but many enjoy buying things for the other person and/or taking them places. In the hopes to win them over even more. Yet, as I mentioned in a previous blog, these displays of affection start to add up. For many of us on a tight budget, this means finding an alternative to the norm, once in a while.Today, let’s talk flowers!


I don’t know what it is about flowers, but they are the most popular thing to give. Women love them. Based on article on Valentine’s Day Statistics, flowers is the second highest thing women want to receive. (Hint, Hint for next year!) Other than Valentine’s Day, surprising a lady with flowers can really make her day. Yet, flowers don’t come cheap. They could range from $20 to over $100 dollars depending on quality, quantity, type of flower, etc, etc. A pretty generic example would be a dozen red roses with a vase cost at $45.

If buying real flowers seems overpriced, then make your own!

Why not out of Duct tape? Duct Tape has all kinds of colors and patterns these days. I bet you could make dozens of dozen roses with only one roll of Duct Tape! With a little patience and creativity, you could have a beautiful bouquet of Duct Tape Roses!

Try out this link:   (There are so many how-to videos!)

Another maybe not so well known way to make flowers is by using Napkins or

Paper towel. All you have to do is Tear & Twist, and ‘WALL-LA’ a flower!

1.       You will want to find a napkin of color choice. (Or dye a white napkin with food colored water.)

2.       Then start to make tears on the folded side. These are the petals, so make them the size you want. ( ½ in is average)

*If you napkin was a 2 fold, unfold so it only had one fold.

3.       Then twist! Twist it around you finger to make a cylinder.

4.       Hug it tightly a 1/3rd of the way down. This is the break from the flower to steam. Then twist the stem area tightly to look like a steam!

My cousin did this for his date’s Prom corsage, and she didn’t even notice until he told her. Pretty impressive! (It helps that he added come fake greenery.)

Also what is great about these two options is that they will never die! You lady will have these flowers forever.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!