Dating on a Budget Series: Can't Afford a Girlfriend?


You would not believe how many times I have heard a guy say, “I can’t afford a girlfriend!” Most of us know that is usually just a cop-out, yet some gentleman may truly believe that us ladies are too expensive to take care of! This issue needs to be addressed. The thought that there could be up-standing men out there, who fear a relationship because of money is distressing!

Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge that dating can be more expensive than the single life, but I would argue that dating doesn’t have to run you dry. It does take some effort and creativity, but it will be well worth it. Throughout this series, I will be giving tip and advice of how to save money while dating, meanwhile still keeping your lovely lady satisfied. Cause let’s face it, if she ain’t happy, you ain’t happy! I do know a couple that ran into a ‘bump’ in the relationship because of overspending on dates. It can happen to anyone, especially as college students when we don’t have much of an income.

This couple got into the habit of going out to eat at a seat down restaurant, and do some other activity every single weekend. The activities would vary, but the movies were a popular choice. The next night they would also get some food and hangout.

Here is a typical weekend:

Gas to restaurant: $15   *Note: In Iowa we have to drive about hour to get to a city area.

Meal: $25-$30

Movie: $20

Friday Night Total = About $65

Pizza: $15

Other Snacks/Drinks: $30

Saturday Night Total = $45

Grand Total = Over $100

This may seem pretty standard to many couples, and if you can afford it, WONDERFUL! Yet, I know for many students, $100 a weekend is out of the question! I do think events like this are great and necessary once in a while, but you shouldn't feel like you have to do all these things in one weekend, and every weekend.  As the semester went on, the costs added up, and by the end of the semester he became very bitter and stressed because he didn’t have any money. He didn’t hide his feelings and made her feel very guilty. Like I said, they hit a ‘bump’ in the relationship.

This DOES NOT have to be you!

Stay tuned, for the next few blogs will suggest ways to help you save money while dating and still keep it fun.  All you need is some creativity and a little effort and you could really save some big bucks!