Filming the Money Smart Week Video

Hey everyone! its Andrew, your favorite design intern again.


As I’m sure most of you remember, I mentioned that I worked on a promotional video for Money Smart Week (just another example of all the different things I get to do here). To be frank, It has been a few years since I last worked with video, so I had to play a small game of catch up by watching tutorial videos, and before I knew it, I was filming.


Well, before we started filming we had to discuss what kind of shots we were going to get. While discussing our action plan, I noticed a dust covered steady cam sitting in the corner. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but there is nothing I dislike more in a video made up of boring static shots. I pitched the idea of using the steady cam to make the video a little more… Fed Edgy.


Aww yis

Getting the hang of that glide cam took some time. First, I had to make sure it was well balanced so that it wouldn’t tip any which way. It would take about 3 minutes to rebalance every time I changed a lens.



“Pick it up, it tilts forward. Pull the top plate back, which was too much, put it forward a hair, looks good! But now it’s falling sidewise, move the weights to the right. Cant go far enough, pull the left weights in more as well. Finally ready! Now how do I use this?"


Before the big shot I had to get some practice in. for the next hour or so I ran around the office with the glide cam, trying to get a good steady shot. (It was at this time I also realized I was horribly out of shape because I couldn’t hold a glide cam for more than 4 minutes).




Once we got started, things ran fairly smoothly. I was impressed that Alejo was able to memorize all his lines (although, we did take quite a few takes). Working on the video was a great experience, and I am glad I had the chance to work on it.


Andrew Steendam

Money Smart Week Intern

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago