Illinois Economics Challange

econ_il_small_.pngAs Money Smart Week is approaching, I wanted to feature an outstanding program that is available to high schools. It is a great way to encourage youth to be more knowledgeable about the economics behind how our world functions.

Illinois Economics Challenge (ILEC) is an annual competition for teams of high school students in which they test their knowledge of economics at the Advanced Placement level. The ILEC began in 1996 as a statewide Championship event which has grown to include the opportunity for the First Place team to advance to the National Semi-Finals competition with all other First Place teams across the nation.  The top four-scoring Semi-Finalist teams advance to the National Economics Challenge Finals in New York City.

Students currently or previously enrolled in a qualifying econ course may participate in the 2013 Illinois Econ Challenge. Qualifying courses include:

·         Advanced Placement (AP Micro, AP Macro, or AP Micro and Macro),

·         International Baccalaureate (pre-IB and IB),

·         Honors,

·         Two-semester, or any other advanced courses in economics (including courses taught by a secondary teacher where students earn college credit).

           All qualifying courses listed above must be taught by a secondary teacher.

Illinois teachers begin the Challenge by registering student teams online by February 15. The competition is not restricted by geographic location or budgetary constraints. Students from all over the state may easily participate. There are no participation fees and teachers may enter multiple teams.

Ten top-scoring teams from the online round of competition advance to the Illinois Economics Challenge State Finals hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, in April. This Money Smart Week event involves three rounds of written testing with the two top-scoring teams participating in a Quiz-Bowl style fourth round of competition to determine the First Place team in Illinois.

Participation in and entry to the Economics Challenge State Finals is by invitation only.  If interested in finding out more about the program, please contact Beth Metzler: or 815.762.8923.  To learn more about Econ Illinois and our resources for K-12 teachers, visit: