It's Free? I'll take five

College students love free stuff. I feel like that is a very universal understanding that everyone, credit card companies, colleges, banks, attempt to exploit. And I am totally okay with that. Here’s a thought though. How do we, as college students, get actually useful items (no not a chip clip or that envelope opener you so desperately need) all for free., and are great places to start.
Another small piece of advice is to be aware in restaurants/cafeterias. I mean, do you need 15 napkins right now? No. Might you need them later? In your own kitchen? Yes. Same goes for salt and pepper packets, honey, butter, sugar, and plastic cutlery just to name a few. This may or may not conflict with your morals but I have personally gotten past it. I believe they put it there for you to use it…they didn’t specify when. Hey, we’re in college people. I’d go on but I think I’ve made my point.