Meet Your Intern Olivia

What is up my fellow broke college students? My name is Olivia and I am the current intern here at The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. When I’m not off gallivanting around the city, I attend Hope College in Holland, MI and am studying communications and business management.

I have four brothers, have been involved with 4-H since I was nine showing pigs and sheep, and I have a passion for finding creative ways to make things awesome while catering to my college budget. I’m currently living, working, and taking classes here in the Windy City through a program called “Chicago Semester”, which takes kids from small, liberal arts colleges throughout the Midwest and sets them up with interviews at potential internship sites where they will work for the next three months. It has been a phenomenal experience and I am totally and completely in love with this city. However, city livin’ does not come cheap.
Here you will find frequent posts discussing topics everywhere from grocery shopping on a dime to how to make your resume look impeccable and landing your dream job post-college. Every now and then I’ll also be throwing in some personal experiences of both myself and any of my friends that are willing to have their stories broadcasted over the Internet for all to see (which is mostly all of them).  I’m beyond excited to start sharing tips, stories and ideas with you guys, and to hear some from you so feel free to leave some comments!  Contrary to popular belief you can actually still have fun in the city (and anywhere really) when you are, indeed, broke as a joke. From one poor college kid to another, let’s do this.