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Federal Reserve Education

The Federal Reserve Education website is a collection of resources from across the Federal Reserve system.  It includes resources for educators, the public and more.

The Federal Reserve Bank Board launched an interactive timeline, using video segments from the Chairman's March 2012 college lecture series about the Federal Reserve and the financial crisis. Each video segment includes a summary and self-check questions

My Money

The 21 Federal entities that compose the Financial Literacy and Education Commission provide the materials that are available via this website and the 1-888-MyMoney hotline. Content is organized by where you are in life ("Life Events"), who you are ("My Resources"), and by specific hands-on tools ("Tools").

Consumer Banking

Listed below are links to a variety of agencies and tools intended to aid consumers navigating through an increasingly complicated banking landscape. 



Federal Reserve Board




Illinois Attorney General



State of Illinois

State of Michigan




Indiana Department of Insurance


State of Wisconsin


Health Care








Private and Nonprofit Consumer Resources by Topic


Veteran Resources


Mortgage & Credit Resources

Money Management & Budgeting Resources

College Expense Resources


Debt Help

Debt Help