Resumes: The Newest Art Form

If you are anything like me, the layout of your resume looks pretty standard. It’s probably one page, some regular headings amongst a sea of bullet points, has a normal layout etc etc. Unfortunately this is putting us behind the eight ball folks. Now-a-days, people (our competitors) are starting to take a whole new approach to the design and even content of their resume. If us young job-seekers want to get noticed, we have to make our resume really pop

Think modern looking layout, witty heading titles, and just an overall new and fresh design that will make your potential employer give your resume a second look. Don’t be intimidated if graphic design is a foreign concept to you. Heck, I can barely change my Twitter background (true story, struggled for about 20 minutes last night…not my proudest moment) and yet I have already started rearranging and updating my resume to somewhat mirror these models. A helpful hint, ask your friends! Graphic design is a growing major and interest field; it is very probable one of your chums would be able to help you along. And if that option comes up empty, resort to Google! I am not above a good old fashion “How to..” Google search and it will really come in clutch for this. 
There is another option. If you have the financial means, I would suggest you check out Loft Resumes. While it will cost you around 100 bones, you really are making an investment in your future. You pick a design, send them your content and they make your resume look awesome. Something to maybe consider post-graduation, might be a good thing to ask mom and dad for as a graduation present? Just a thought.