Summer On A Budget


For me summer break is a time of relaxation and peace!

 “I just want to lay on the beach and do nothing!”

Even though many of us may have a summer internship, a lifeguarding gig at a local pool, or are forced to babysit our intolerable younger siblings while our parents work, summer is ultimately a time to unwind and relax. No more stressing about group projects, no more all-nighters the day before a midterm, and no more research papers to type. As college students, I feel we must take full advantage of our final summer breaks and make sure we have as much fun and enjoyment as we possibly can.

Unfortunately, having an insurmountable amount of fun typically correlates to a huge hit to your bank account.

Going to a White Sox or Cubs game - $75+

A day at Six Flags - $125+

Tickets to Lollapalooza - $250+

Vacation to Florida - $500+

Luckily there a many other less expensive activities available in the summer and will not be detrimental to your bank account!


  • Go to the beach - $10
    Instead of going to a water park or local pool, try spending the day on the beach with your friends. Many of us in the Chicago area live very close to Lake Michigan and should take full advantage of the water! All you need is a train ticket, your sunglasses, a cooler, a towel, and some sunscreen in order to have an awesome summer day!
  • Get Active– FREE
    Get off the couch and get active! Instead of waking up at 2PM and watching TV until 6PM, get up, get out and become active! Summer is the perfect time to jump start a work out regimen, go hiking, biking, and become healthy!
  • Star Gazing – FREE
    Laying beneath the stars on a summer night is the perfect, most inexpensive date opportunity. All you need is a blanket, some bug spray, and a few snacks to make the perfect date night for you and a loved one.
  • Volunteer - FREE

Above all, if you have an ample amount of free time in the summer and want to stay active and make a difference try volunteering. Volunteering at a local food bank, animal shelter, church, or hospital is the perfect activity to stay busy while also helping others in your community who may be in need. In addition to helping others, volunteering is the perfect activity to boost your resume and show potential employers your dedication and superior work ethic!

These are just a few tips on how to stay active in the summer when working on a tight budget. You do not always have to spend a lot of money in order to have fun; you just need to be creative and start thinking outside of the box