Thinking about summer yet? I Am!

The semester is coming to a close. Soon school will be out for the summer!!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy summer. Each year it comes just in time! In the final few weeks of the school year, your stress level always seems to shoots through the roof as you try to finish semester projects and study for final exams. Many times you find yourself running on just caffeine and trying to do the best you can. Once summer hits and the sun comes out you finally get to relax a little bit. No longer do you have to worry about homework or group presentations and the sun is hot! At this point, your biggest worry may be planning for fun summer activities. What should you do? How much is it going to cost? Can you afford it?

As you start to plan for your summer it is important to work through a summer budget to give estimates of what kinds of things you will be able to afford. I know that during the summer most college students get a full time job and, it feels like you are ‘rich’ again or at the least feel like they have some money.  Still, money can disappear fast and you will want to have enough saved up to last you through another school year.

Saying that, you want to enjoy your summer and finding ways to cut the cost of summer activities will help. Here are a few ways that could help!

  • Stay local. You may be surprised what great things you have in just driving distance away from you. I know taking long trips to faraway places sounds much more appealing, but that day may have to wait.

  • Carpool! This can be one if the best ways to cut travel costs down. Get a carload of people and drive off to the beach or water park. Everyone can split the cost of gas and parking. Instead of paying the total ticket, you only have to pay 1/5th. Much better deal!

  • Plan ahead… meals. Food can be very expensive, especially in high tourist areas. You could either pack a lunch before, or scout out restaurants that better fit you budget beforehand. This could save you $20 dollars or more.

  • Pack a water bottle. Not only is this a good idea for health reasons, but it saves you from having to by a drink or bottled water where ever you are. In most locations you can find a drinking fountain or have access to water.

  • Group discounts! Always check out if the place you are going has group discounts. Getting a big group together is always fun, but it could also save everyone some cash!Personally, I do plan to work most of my summer, but I also plan to go camping and to the lake. I am ready to absorb some rays and relax by the water. Its great because it is a cheap summer activity and one I can enjoy with friends and family!