Are you thinking about buying a new home or refinancing a current home? Are you unsure how to find a reputable lender and low-risk loan? In this session, North West Housing Partnership will:

  • Outline the home buying (or refinancing) process, including lending considerations.
  • Explain predatory lending.
  • Cover common characteristics of housing discrimination and predatory lending.
  • Provide tips and tools to avoid predatory lenders.

Leave the session with an understanding of the steps involved in buying or refinancing a home, including what a reputable lender and credible loan should look like. Leave the session prepared to sign new home loan documents with confidence!

Presented by:

  • Paula Bush, ECHM, Associate Director, HUD Certified Housing Counselor, North West Housing Partnership
  • Michelle S. Hill, ECHM, Program Manager, HUD Certified Housing Counselor, North West Housing Partnership

About the North West Housing Partnership

North West Housing Partnership was incorporated in 1990 as a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and implementing programs that promote economically diverse housing. These programs include education and counseling as well as the construction of new housing and rehabilitation of existing housing. Homeownership is a priority as well as maintaining and increasing the supply of rental housing attainable to populations with limited income.