Blog Guidelines

Are you a Money Smart Week partner with a great idea for a blog post? We would love to hear your idea! Money Smart Week blogs cover consumer focused financial literacy topics that are targeted to consumers of all ages (Be sure to let us know the target age range for your post). Any resources shared in your blog post should be free-of-charge to readers and not require personal information be shared. Please refer to the guidelines below and submit your proposed blog post to the Money Smart Week Team at

  • Consumer focused financial literacy topics for all ages (please specify which age group you are targeting when submitting entry).
  • Blog entry should not sell or promote the sale of any commercial product/service. All resources must be free-of-charge to readers and not require personal information be shared and/or payment of any kind. 
  • Between 500-1500 words.
  • The preferred time to run your blog entry and why (for example: a blog entry on women’s retirement savings may be appropriate to run on National Equal Pay Day).
  • Conversational and engaging style without financial jargon, if possible.
  • Readability is important. Consider checking the readability of your entry using free on-line tools e.g. Readability Score
  • Proper use of grammar, spelling and punctuation. Consider checking entry with free online tools e.g. Grammar Check, Polish My Writing
  • Please submit original image with the post, if submitting an image that is not your own, please indicate ownership and/or rights of use. If suggesting a stock image, please submit sample image for MSW team to pursue. The image could be a chart, picture, graph, etc. The format should be a “.jpg” file (size no larger than 5MB).
  • Proper title and spelling of your organization as it should appear in the credits. Please note: individual names of people will not be credited on the MSW blog site.
  • Please send your blog entries


We reserve the right to edit/dismiss blog submissions that do not follow the guidelines.