Southern Pines Public Library- Evening Storytime

March 25, 2019

Topics: kids and money

Language: english

Sponsored by: Southern Pines Public Library

We read two books about what it means to be a helper and talked about different types of help, helping your family, yourself, and earning money or rewards for your work. The children were younger, so we focused on how to be a good helper for your family and friends. Stations at the end of the program gave examples for helping your family with chores, earning and spending money. Each child was given a sheet where they could earn a sticker for the chores they completed. They earned a play dollar for the work they completed. The chore stations included a dish-washing station and a station where they could practice sweeping using a broom to sweep pom-pom balls into a square. Other stations included a restaurant, a market, and a post office. They could earn money working as a waiter, a post office worker, or a market salesperson, and they could spend their money on a pretend meal at the restaurant, stamps for a letter they could put in our pretend mailbox, or pretend groceries at the market.

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