Southern Pines Public Library- Music and Motion

April 04, 2019

Topics: kids and money

Language: english

Sponsored by: Southern Pines Public Library

We focused on counting for the toddler-oriented program. We started with the book Birdsongs where we counted the different sounds that the birds were making, and we finished with Counting in the Garden where we identified and counted different fruits, vegetables, and flowers. To incorporate gross motor skills with counting, we started the program by jumping and counting along a number line taped on the floor. We counted as we moved through some spring stretches, pretending to pick five strawberries, waving a kite back and forth four times, and hopping like a frog three times. Then we counted and moved around our ten fingers to a finger rhyme. To end, we had gross motor stations, including one with lines and pictures of different animals taped on the floor showing the distances. The children observed the animal pictured and the length, then pretended to jump like the animal and as far as the animal.

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