Kids Learn Best When They’re Having Fun

‘Edutainment’ and ‘gamification’ simply mean educating while entertaining. It’s a common practice these days, with the integration of technology into our daily lives. The financial education space has seen an explosion of resources in this area – apps, games, comics, and more, many created by Money Smart Week partners. Visa’s Practical Money Skills program is one example. It offers a variety of games and comics to engage all ages on the importance of better managing one’s personal finances.

Avengers: Saving the Day and Guardians of Galaxy comic books  

Iconic characters teach children about the difference between wants and needs, how to save for the future, and more. The comic books are available in 16 languages and also feature student worksheets so that teachers and parents can share important money lessons with children.  

Peter Pig’s Money Counter Game

This game is available as a free iOS and Android app and teaches kids ages 5-8 how to count and save money. After completing three fun and engaging mini-games, students are encouraged to save a portion of their money in a piggy bank before visiting the virtual store. Once there, students can spend some of their virtual money dressing Peter Pig and placing him in a fun scene that can be shared with family and friends.     

FIFA World Cup-Themed Financial Soccer and NFL-Themed Financial Football Games

Players are able to set varying degrees of difficultly and are intermittently faced with money questions that help them advance the ball downfield and eventually score. The games also offer classroom curriculum for educators.