The New Look of Money Smart Week

Welcome to Money Smart Week! As you can see, we have made exciting changes to our website design. The colors are new and modern, the layout is sleek and user-friendly and, of course, Ben has had a makeover. The look is new, but don’t worry, we are still the same Money Smart Week that is here to spread the word about the importance of financial literacy.

With the same mission as always, we are here for the consumers. Young or old, if you are seeking guidance on how to better manage your personal finances in this economic climate, we are here for you. Our goal here at Money Smart Week is to share as many resources with consumers as possible. With our new design you won’t have to wait until April, because we’ll be a useful tool at your disposal all year round. We know that personal finance decisions don’t only come up one week out of the year. And because of this, we hope consumers visit the website all year long.

What’s new? We will be hosting monthly webinars featuring several Money Smart Week partners, starting in January, to help consumers with various financial issues that come up. Partners will provide videos where they can use their specific expertise to answer any current questions consumers may have, or give a better explanation of what their individual organizations do.

Another new resource is this Money Smart Week blog. The blog is a way that we hope to connect consumers with current information within the financial literacy realm. We also want to highlight new and interesting programs that can help consumers. When we learn of new programs or information, we want you to have access to it as well.

The new Money Smart Week website is aimed to be a one stop shop for all of your financial literacy needs and questions. Visit it during Money Smart Week – April 22 to 29, 2017 -- to find news and events near you.

After Money Smart Week ends, don’t miss the monthly webinars and blog posts to help you navigate your personal finances.  As time goes on we hope to provide many different resources that will be of value to educate our consumers. In the end, we will have a whole library of resources that can continue to help our consumers grow in their financial knowledge and be able to manage their personal finances better.