Every Money Smart partner, whether an individual or organization, serves their community by actively participating in Money Smart Week with the approval and gratitude of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Become a Partner

Current partners include businesses, financial institutions, schools, libraries, not-for-profits, government agencies and the media. Individuals and organizations are considered partners upon agreeing to one or more of the following: provide educational materials, instructors, or a seminar for consumers; provide facilities to host events, sponsor events or promotional materials; leverage resources to publicly support or endorse Money Smart Week.

Become a Partner

Partner's Playbook

Discover community-based, pop-up programs designed to boost financial literacy.

National Champions

Organizations that pivotally support and assist in the planning, training, and management of a large number of Money Smart Week® local partners.

National Sponsors

An organization recognized for its substantial contributions to the advancement of Money Smart Week®.


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