Retiring can be confusing. Take the time to understand how to transition to this stage of your life. Are you almost to that date where you can finally kick back and enjoy everything that you’ve worked for? Make sure you know the types of income that are at your disposal after you retire.  Maybe you were in the military and now have your pension plan to fall back on, or maybe you are looking into long-term care. Regardless of what stage you are at it, is important to be prepared so that you can maintain the standard of living you are comfortable with.

“Preparing for Retirement”

It is important to know what your retirement will look like. What is your expectation for your life after work? What percentage of your regular income will you need? Or will you use an investment professional to help plan? These are all questions that need answers, and the sooner you have those answers, the sooner you can retire with peace of mind.

“Sources of Retirement Income”

Do you know what your source of income for retirement will be? There are many options to choose from. Anything from social security all the way to reverse mortgages can be used to help pay for retirement. Know your options, and plan accordingly.

“Veteran Retirement and Pension Explained”

Individual who have served in the United States Armed Forces have a unique type of retirement called pensions. There are multiple types of pension plans and they all come with unique benefits. Planning for retirement after service can be hard, but make sure you understand what is available to you so that you can continue to live your life comfortably.

“Understand Annuities and Long-Term Care Insurance”

Long-term care can be a confusing concept. You need to understand that not all policies are the same, premiums are not a for sure thing, and it is important to plan ahead even if you do not need it in your current stage of life.
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